National advocacy groups Coalition on Human Needs and Half In Ten have created a new online resource called Storybank. They have begun to collect stories from across the nation which illustrate systemic issues that federal change can effectively address. The resource is searchable by either topic or state, and a recent webinar highlighted how these stories can be useful in our advocacy efforts.

Family Resource Simulator
The “Family Resource Simulator” tool demonstrates the impact work supports have on low income families. The Simulator generates graphs that show how family resources and expenses change as earnings increase and allows the user to manipulate income and other variables to see their effect on families.

Basic Needs Budget Calculator

The Basic Needs Budget Calculator shows how much it takes for families to afford minimum daily necessities. It also allows you to create customized results by changing assumptions about basic family expenses.

Tax Credits for Working Families
This online resource provides easy access to research and resources on the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit and the Property Tax Circuit Breaker. The site also provides extensive information and tools on how community-based organizations and elected officials can raise awareness of these important tax credits and help working families get ahead.

The Children’s Defense Fund has partnered with Fallon Worldwide, an industry leader in advertising, to produce highly creative, effective advertising on behalf of America’s children. Included are videos advocating for healthcare reform and other advocacy campaigns CDF has run with help from Fallon Worldwide. CDF also promoted a campaign to encourage individuals to participate in the 2010 Census by explaining how program funding is hinges on information collected by the census.

USDA has a long history of working with faith-based and community organizations to help those in need, by providing federal assistance through domestic nutrition assistance programs, international food aid, rural development opportunities, and natural resource conservation. USDA provides eligibility and other information on numerous nutrition programs including SNAP and school meals.Community Partnerships
Child Nutrition Programs

Asset Coalition Toolkit for States (ACTS)
contains tools and resources that leverage information sharing among state coalitions in the asset-building field. ACTS provides information for coalitions on how to develop a policy agenda and perform a needs assessment, among other tips.

Center for Evaluation Innovation at the Innovation Network specializes in areas that are hard to measure and where conventional program evaluation approaches are not always a good fit. The Center provides tools such as logic model building and organizational assessment to help non-profit organizations achieve a greater outward impact.

Complete College America paints the picture of college completion for each state with their interactive map and details how education impacts the lives of low income families in their numerous reports and publications.