Federal Policy Agenda

Members of the New England Consortium are working together to identify and support federal legislation that will foster prosperity for children and their families in our region and across the country. For many years, each of our organizations has worked with our own Congressional delegation on a broad range of issues. Now, with this initiative, we will identify and champion a series of strategic and timely legislative initiatives that will reduce the number of children and families in poverty.


Our New England delegation has a long tradition of working together, understanding that their states are interdependent and have a shared future. With this initiative, our organizations will have a similar shared vision. We will prioritize issues, provide our delegation with an analysis of the impact of legislation on our region and speak with a united voice on selected issues that will have a significant impact on low income families.

The current economy has been devastating for people living in poverty. For now, we believe our focus should be on helping children and families survive the recession with tools such as tax credits, extended unemployment benefits, economic and food security, health care, and investments in education and training. Over time, we will expand our efforts and support broader initiatives to help reduce poverty and increase prosperity.